baptism cake

baptism  cake
baptism  cake baptism  cake

6 inch and 9 inch round cakes, covered in fondant, (Jennifer Dontz recipe)
the bottom tier was quilted, then decorated with tiny crosses that I made using my CRICUT machine. After the crosses were cut out of Wilton sugar sheets, I painted them with silver airbrush paint, then coated in some silver petal dust, very gently!!
the top tier is simply decorated with a fondant drape, I cut some delicate edges on the drape with a nice set of cutters/embossers that I received as a gift! Both pieces of the fondant drape were heavily dusted with pearl dust, and edible glitter. the entire cake was dusted with pearl petal dust and edible glitter.
Handmade gumpaste roses on the top and middle tier were dusted with pearl dust to keep with the SIMPLE white and silver theme of the cake.
the cake board is covered in fondant. the letters on the cake board were made using my CRICUT machine.
the cake ‘topper’ is a beautiful silver cross, that was a gift for the baby!

As you can probably tell, I use my CRICUT any time I need so write/pipe a greeting on a cake. I HATE piping on cakes, in my opinion, if the writing isn’t done meticulously, it can detract from an otherwise beautiful cake. I’ve used tappits, and other cutters, but with my CRICUT, I have access to hundreds of fonts, in sizes ranging from teeeeny tiny, to GIGANTIC. I find it so much easier to use than my tappits… just a personal preference, I guess.
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