Poppies in bloom

Poppies in bloom
Poppies in bloom Poppies in bloom

Happy Birthday to my Mamma. First time making sugar poppies, still learning to perfect the art but having fun trying. Great respect to the sugar flower artists out there, you certainly have the patience of a saint! Bottom tier vanilla and salted caramel, top tier gluten free vegan chocolate. Finished with vegan buttercream in turquoise and gold leaf. Love this colour combination so much :)

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Anka - Tortolandia.sk

Amazing cake! 😊


What a lovely cake you made for your mum! Love it! Hope she had a lovely birthday!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

So beautifull!😍

Olina's taarten

This is beautiful, Anna!
I love your poppies and the combination light blue-orange colour 💖