Double headed eagle

Double headed eagle
Double headed eagle Double headed eagle Double headed eagle Double headed eagle

Gandaberunda/Double headed eagle from Indian Culture/ Hindu mythology..
Gandaberunda is a two headed mythological bird, believed to possess immense magical powers . it is depicted as clutching elephants to signify its power and strength. legend has it that to kill a demon named hiranyakashyap , lord Vishnu takes the form/avatar of Lord Narasimha and then Gandaberunda.
It is the royal emblem of wodeyar dynasty of mysore and present Karnataka state emblem.
As a child I used to love listening to stories from my grandmother. Lot of her stories used to be on hindu mythology. I first heard about gandaberunda from her, and later when I was searching for inspiration ,I came across a painting of this bird. As I love modeling chocolate, decided this would be wonderful concept , especially with the gravity defying elephants.

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Hima, this is incredible work! :) x

Heba Elalfy ***more photos at

Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

Chanda Rozario

Its Astounding, loved each detailing and the creation as whole….

This is an impressive piece with the history behind the story


Amazingly creative 😍😍

Pooja Nanda Sareen

This is a magnificent work of art, Hima! One of my favorites in the collaboration. Wonderful job!

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