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Double headed eagle

Gandaberunda/Double headed eagle from Indian Culture/ Hindu mythology..
Gandaberunda is a two headed mythological bird, believed to possess immense magical powers . it is depicted as clutching elephants to signify its power and strength. legend has it that to kill a demon named hiranyakashyap , lord Vishnu takes the form/avatar of Lord Narasimha and then Gandaberunda.
It is the royal emblem of wodeyar dynasty of mysore and present Karnataka state emblem.
As a child I used to love listening to stories from my grandmother. Lot of her stories used to be on hindu mythology. I first heard about gandaberunda from her, and later when I was searching for inspiration ,I came across a painting of this bird. As I love modeling chocolate, decided this would be wonderful concept , especially with the gravity defying elephants.

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Sweet Dreams by Heba

Hima, this is incredible work! :) x

Chanda Rozario

Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

Mahua's Fresh From Oven



Outstanding work!!!


Stunning ❤️


Its Astounding, loved each detailing and the creation as whole….

Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes

Magnificent work!

Baking Mantra

This is an impressive piece with the history behind the story


Amazingly creative 😍😍

Sandra Smiley

This is a magnificent work of art, Hima! One of my favorites in the collaboration. Wonderful job!


Outstanding work!!!😍😍😍✨✨✨✨✨

Radha Dhaka

Brilliant work of art!!

The Garden Baker

Absolutely amazing work!!!

The Custom Piece of Cake


Calli Creations

Can’t stop staring at this magnificent work! One of my favourites! Incredible detailing and flawless work! Sculpting and modelling is incredible! A work of ART

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Double headed eagle