India Through It’s Weaves

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My contribution to Incredible India Collaboration.
India Through Weaves -
Since centuries, India is known for its textile art. Various weaving techniques have been inculcated in the Indian culture and lifestyle.
My work is a tribute to this rich traditional art and its artisans who have made it possible to preserve the heritage over the years.
Each alphabet represents a popular weave from different regions of the country and the colour of the respective alphabet represents a particular national symbol.
I N D I A.
" I " has been woven like Maheshwari weaves from Central India symbolised with the colours of the national emblem – Chakra.
" N " reflects the Southern weaves of Kanjevernum symbolising national bird – Peacock.
" D " its Mashru weaves of West India with Tiger as a national animal.
" I " represents North India with Phulkari work of the national flower, Lotus.
" A " has the Jamdari weaves of East India weaved with paisleys representing Mangoes, the national fruit.
Great work from International Cake Artist can be viewed

-- Bake n Frost

I love the different materials and regions represented by each letter. GREAT IDEA!

-- Heba Elalfy ***more photos at

So unique !! A brilliant idea

Love the originality of design.. stunning colours

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits


-- Ipshita, New Delhi, The Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita

Love your concept n the neat execution ❤


Amazing concept

-- Pooja Nanda Sareen

Thank you for the lovely comments

-- Bake n Frost