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This is my 30" tall wedding cake competition entry for the 2017 America’s Cake Fair in Orlando.

I was inspired by the paper art of Laurie Brown as seen in the last photo.

I covered all tiers in fondant, and developed a melting technique using wafer paper to cover the tiers. I then hand colored wafer paper sheets, stripped them using a pasta machine, and quilled using a bamboo skewer. I loved playing with the coils for textural effects!

The topper is made from pulled and molded isomalt. I cooked my own isomalt and learned to pull from various Youtube videos, and the help of Sidney of Simi Cakes.

This cake was a labor of love, that took at least 50 hours to produce.

-- Bella's Desserts

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Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

Wooow! Love it 😍

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