RIP Sandy Casey

RIP Sandy Casey
RIP Sandy Casey RIP Sandy Casey RIP Sandy Casey RIP Sandy Casey

Sandy Case was tragically murdered in Las Vegas on October 1st. She was born and raised just around the corner from me in Vermont where all of her family and many, many friends still live. Her family reached out to me and told me about her wish – “At my funeral, I want Country Music playing and a Chocolate Cake!” I am truly honored that her family asked me to be a part of her celebration of life especially after such an unimaginably painful circumstance. Sandy was my age, 35. She had a fiance, an amazing family. She was a special education teacher and most of all she loved to laugh and make others laugh. Her favorite color was purple and she loved to tell corny jokes!

The basket weave took over 10 hours. It was also hand painted. All of the stones had little things Sandy said on them. “Bubba” was her nickname for her fiance.

I made this cake to honor Sandy. Thank you for looking! For more pictures, you can check out my facebook page.


Steph ~


I love this piece and what an honour for you. You did her proud!! the basket weave is epic!!

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela