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Beauty and the Beast staircase cake

This cake was commissioned by someone wishing to give his girlfriend, a fan of the classic Disney animation, an epic birthday cake. Total cake height is almost 15" tall. Entire cake is edible, save for some minimal armature wire in the banister and the characters.

-- The Bunny Baker -


-- Tracy Buttermore

sweetest boyfriend ever! <3 chose the perfect cake artists!

Totally awesome!! :) xxx

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

This is so beautifully done! Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite movies, you did a great job! <3

-- Tiff - MA

Wow! Fantastic Work!

-- Sunny Smiles from the Cayman Isles!, or

Fantastic. Never seen one like this before.

-- Just a hobby baker but love seeing other people's work & aspire to creating something as beautiful one day.

I love that movie…a very unique cake…great job!

-- Gran's Cake Creations

Amazing me and my dad love the song be our guest

Amazing I am new here