For writer

For writer
For writer For writer For writer For writer

This is b-day cake for writer. I think, it is a little bit artistic cake which mirrors writers problems. I try to connect 2d with 3d modelling. Interesting work for me.
Enjoy it.

cakes and sweets by Šárka Finsterlová


Sarka this is awesome!
And it has a Dickensian look about it.
I think I can see the meaning of the images???
I see the pile of books and the look on the characters face as meaning the writer feels his mind is blocked because the books are stuck behind him.
But also there are many books piled up so perhaps many books have been written before.
Also, I see the fruit as symbols of the fruits of his success.
I may be totally wrong, but that’s how I’m interpreting the cake.
Either way, I think it’s AMAZING!


Překrásný !! Wonderful !!


Oh my goodness! This is such an interesting well thought out design,
Brilliant!! 💕👏

Absolutely amazing !!! Love it !!!

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