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Princess Diana Collaboration

In memory of Princess Diana, Princess of Wales

Cherry Blossom dress cake for Princess Diana collaboration… 💕💕

I choose Princess Diana’s dress during her visit to Japan in 1986. It was Zandra Rhodes creation to reference the cherry blossoms in bloom during her visit.
The dress shows the nature of the Princess diana who is friendly, simple, humble and beautiful. it really made her glow her inner beauty as a princess lady.

“Helping people in need is a good and essential part of my life, a kind of destiny.” – Princess Diana

Welcome to CPC’s Princess Diana Collaboration xWe would like to present the work of 14 outstanding Sugar Artists from all over the world.All are members of the CPC groups, coming together to honour the memory of The Queen in People’s Hearts – Princess DianaWe hope you like the collaboration – please check out the albums for extra photos including some progress shots.https://www.facebook.com/CPC-Princess-Diana-Collaboration-449851565408496

-- Dixie Delight

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Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

Gorgeous 🌸😘🌸😘🌸💜

Sweet Surprizes

So pretty 😘

Sandra Smiley

An absolutely fabulous design, Lusie! Gorgeous!


Gorgeous Lusi: love the cake more than the dress. You made it beautuful x

Cakes Inspired by me

Fabulous creation! ❤️


Beautiful ;)

Tiers of Indulgence

Stunning! X

Calli Creations

Great design

DixieDelight by Lusie Lioe

Thank you all 💕💕💕

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Lovely interpretation..

Dawn Booth Sugarcraft Artist

So pretty

Claire North

so gorgeous, love how you interpreted this dress

Oli Ivanova


Gabriela Doroghy

Gorgeous!!! <3

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Princess Diana Collaboration