"Midas Queen" for Sweet Fairytales

"Midas Queen" for Sweet Fairytales
"Midas Queen" for Sweet Fairytales "Midas Queen" for Sweet Fairytales "Midas Queen" for Sweet Fairytales "Midas Queen" for Sweet Fairytales

It’s so sweet to be a part of Sweet Fairy Tales, an amazing collaboration created by Lizzo Marek​ (www.facebook.com/sweetfairytalescollaboration).
Sweet Fairy Tales is a collaboration of sugar artists who have come together to re-create some of your favorite fairy tales into sugar with a twist!

These pieces have been printed in a book that you can purchase here: https://www.createspace.com/7511041
All proceeds go directly to http://child-aid.org/ A wonderful non-profit organization that trains hundreds of teachers and librarians in Guatemala, delivers books to neglected schools and libraries, and brings reading programs to children in 68 communities. #sweetfairytales2017

My piece is Midas queen. She is decorated out of modelling chocolate handpainted with the awesome מג’יק קולורס Magic Colours​. I’ve also used the the fantastic cake lace from the The Cake Decorating Company​ with the “Serenity” mould (loved it). All the dress is covered in 24’ goldenleaf. And this is her story:

“Midas queen”

Midas was born in a little farm near the castle where she had worked hard since she was a child to help her poor parents provide food for the King’s opulent parties, but she continued to grow strong and beautiful.

One day, when she was fifteen, she rode in the cart carrying the goods from the farm to the castle to help her elderly parents with an especially extravagant event, when the King saw her and instantly fell in love. Her parents were old and traditional and thought it was a great opportunity for her to be surrounded with luxury and have a happy life, so they pushed her to accept the King’s offer of marriage.

She never loved the King and only tried to please him, the King was a nice but dumb man and to make her happy, he organized the most extravagant balls inviting everyone to come to the castle, but she spent all day walking alone through the gardens.

One day, when she was walking, she saw a man trying to steal a fairy’s wings, because, as everyone knows, the fairies wings are delicious and provide exceptional strength. Midas saved the fairy and the fairy granted her one wish. She told the fairy “If I can’t escape from here, my sadness will kill me, my parents have since died and I can’t escape as I don’t have a place to go. I could escape if I had my own gold. Could you give me the power of transforming any material in gold?” The fairy shook her wings and gave Midas what she asked for and then flew away.

Midas placed her hands over her chest and her dress became gold shining with the sunlight, she started to cry remembering how hard her life has been but if you look into her eyes you can see a bright light of hope.

I really hope you liked it. Check out all the amazing cakes from this cute collaboration.

Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist