Marie Antoniette

Marie Antoniette
Marie Antoniette
Marie Antoniette
Marie Antoniette
Marie Antoniette

Those are the pics from the private class I taught to Cecile Beaud this monday. I haven’t made many pics of this private class as her project was secret.
The Marie Antoniette cake you see in the most of the pics is the demo cake I made to show her the techniques. She worked in her own project as you can see in one of the pics, but that will remain unveiled for now.
It has been a one day class where I showed Cecile how to do a 3D bust cake over a non edible structure, 100% cake, ganached and painted with magic colours. I’ve finished my demo cake as an improvised Marie Antoniette in a quick way just for fun and to have something finished to show from the class, though it’s a quickly finished cake as the class was focused in cake sculpting and anatomy. The cake completely decorated with ganache and just a bit of modelling chocolate for the dress, the bow and the earrings. Airbrushed and haindpainted with Magic Colours​.
It has been a pleasure to teach such a talented artist like Cecile Beaud. Very proud of my master student <3 though her cake remains secret by now she did amazing! <3 Thanks to the lovely Els Tess​ for her translation during the class.

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Wow!!! Impresionanteee!!!💖💖💖

Rosa Guerra

Wow!!!!! That’s fantastic Daniel and Cecile!!! Two fantastic artists I just LOVE to bits!! 💕💕

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Gorgeous !!!

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Wow! Amazing

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sculpture tehnique. super!


Two amazing artist!

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