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Princess Tiana-Disney Deviant Collaboration

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I chose Princess Tiana because she is a singer and a baker! I was a singer, and I work in a pastry shop! I love her story, her willfulness, and her ascents due to her talent! I thought of a woman, an icon of music that made me so talented for me! The queen of pop, Whitney Huston, I loved her with madness, and I still move her story! She’s a Divine Princess! As a frog prince I could not imagine another great icon, the prince, Michael Jackson, who changed the story of music! Prince you, but he felt frog, unaware of how divine, regal, handsome and talented he was! I used a new sugar paste that I love a lot, the Sugarfantasy Princess, molded on an aluminum paper support to give volume! The pond is Art Gel, a new gelatin created by my friend Gina Assini, cake artist! The flowers are in wafer paper, I used a common thin wafer host! I colored the pasta with gel colors and then created shadows and shades with the airbrush!


Mania M. - CandymaniaC

This is so amazing!!!


Wow awesome

golosamente by linda

Sei semplicemente IL TOPPPP😍😍😍😍😍creazione incredibile ❤❤❤

Tissì Benvegna

Una vera meraviglia

Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art



Beautiful 💕

Torte d'incanto


Danielle Lechuga

I love this! Looks just like Whitney!

Sandra Smiley

Beautiful work!

Elena Michelizzi

Thank you all dear

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She’s gorgeous x

secretos verde violeta

Gran talento, fantasticos trabajos👏👏👏💜💚💜

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Princess Tiana-Disney Deviant Collaboration