The funny Law Graduate

The funny Law Graduate
The funny Law Graduate The funny Law Graduate

This was one of the most interesting requests to date. The brief was a courthouse, a cow as the blind lady of justice, and pigs and cows fighting and reading books . I almost fell over when I read it to be honest but thought… hmmmm… okay I like a challenge lets do it! So there she blows…. HAAA! I am just happy she was so thrilled with it. You never know with requests like this what people are expecting. Phew…mission accomplished.

Have beautiful rest of your Monday…or Tuesday wherever you are :).

Thanks for looking!


Lori's Custom Cakes


Oh my goodness! It is so cute! You really did an amazing job on the out brief you were given!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

This is the best!!! Love it ❤️

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

Well, it is fabulous! You took a difficult brief and did magic with it!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Fabulous! So cute!

Iva Halacheva