Iron Kolt

Iron Kolt
Iron Kolt Iron Kolt Iron Kolt Iron Kolt

This was my entry in the 2017 Cake International London show. He won me a Gold award and 1st place in “Pushing the Boundries” class. I couldn’t believe I won! I put as many techniques into this cake as I could and It paid off! I went t town on the air brushing and used Rainbow dust metallics. Then covered him in patches of rust using petal dusts (that also helps to cover any flawed areas and fill in gaps!)


Brilliant work!

Maira Liboa cakes

Just great idea and very nice work…!

Practice leads to perfection!


I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best."

Its amazing! Love all the cog details…..brilliant!

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Absolutely amazing! Fantastic work! 👏🏻❤️👏🏻