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Sex Symbol @CPC Prince Collaboration

My tribute to celebrate Prince’s life and music….

One year ago this genius has joined the club of the immortal legendary musicians. His legacy is incredible – his music!!

12 outstanding sugar artists and members of CPC groups have come together to honor him on his first death day.

This high heel is sexy, hot and it rocks – so was Prince!! He was genius and a sex symbol!

I went with the colour purple and included some elements which represent him and his look.

It was a challenge to create this boots without any shoe kits.

Page link https://www.facebook.com/cpcprince/
Video Link https://youtu.be/C_TOtrWL1io

Thank you for looking 💜💜

#CPC #CPCPrinceCollaboration #collab #purplerain #prince

-- Khamphet

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CakeHeaven by Marlene



Fabulous! ! !

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Silviq Ilieva

Amazing ❤


So beautiful

Elli Warren

Fantastic!! Looks gorgeous!!! :-) x

Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

Gorgeous 😍😘🌸

Olina Wolfs


Planet Cakes

Gorgeous 😍

Julie Reed Cakes

Fabulous x

Sandra Smiley

An absolutely stunning piece, Khamphet! You did a remarkable job!

Michelle's Sweet Temptation

Mind blowing

Kelly Stevens

Looks great!

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Sex Symbol @CPC Prince Collaboration