"Santa Rosalia" for Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration

"Santa Rosalia" for Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration
"Santa Rosalia" for Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration  "Santa Rosalia" for Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration  "Santa Rosalia" for Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration  "Santa Rosalia" for Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration

“Italian Sugar Dream” is the first collaboration of Sugar Art ever made in Italy and exclusively composed by italian Artists.
For the very first time I have had the honour to host with this amazing collaboration presented by Global Sugar Artists Network
A group of 27 talented exponents of this sweet Art have gathered from all over Italy to entertain your eyes through their masterpieces and celebrate the Italian art, icons, symbols, music, history, trying to portrait the different areas of our Bel Paese. “Italian Sugar Dream” will take you to a journey through the heart and soul of one of the most beautiful Country in the whole world!


“Santa Rosalia” has been my sweet contribution <3
As most of the Artists of this collaboration, I’ve searched for my inspiration in my hometown. Puglia is a land so rich of talent and I must admit that I was waiting for something powerful to share with the sugar world, something that could make fall in love and be in need of telling a story. I’ve been lucky enough to bump into the extraordinary pieces of a young and shockingly talented Giovanni Gasparro.
Born in Bari, 1983. A natural talent, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, but considers himself a self-taught. To prove the international dimension just remember where he carried out his first solo exhibition (Paris, rue Saint-Honoré, Galerie 91).The 18 altarpieces of the monumental church of San Giuseppe Artigiano in L’ Aquila, right after the terrible earthquake of 2009, constitutes the largest religious cycle of paintings made in Italy in the last years. Winner of several awards, he’s been compared to Velasquez and Rembrandt. When I first saw his creations, he hit me not only for his huge skills but for the use of hands in his paintings, wich you can see coming out of every angle:“In my painting the multiplication of bodies and hands suggests the multiplicity of perceptions, is spiritual animation before tha a physical one”.
One piece among the others, though not one of the most popular, has caught my attention: “Santa Rosalia”.And I could not do but the try to give her, in the most profound respect, “life”, trying to get her out from the borders of the picture. The background is hand painted and airbrushed;completely handmade and hand-painted, Santa Rosalia’s characters has a RKT structure, covered and modelled with sugar paste.

Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art


Magnificent piece!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Thank u June!!❤❤

Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art

Incredible work! You’re amazing Azzurra!!

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Grazie ragazzeeeeee!!!!!❤❤❤❤

Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art

Simply breathtaking!

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