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Queen Bee (Sugar Art Museum)

Hi to everybody !!!!
I’ve realized this cake for the “Sugar Art Museum” Colaboration .
It is inspired by a painting of the American artist Mark Ryden. I’m a big fan of this artist, I love the surrealism of his subjects. I’ve choosen the Queen Bee because the pouting expression on the doll is so enigmatic, each viewer understand it with a different meaning while the golden bee is so glorious and also so desperate to be alone . The cake is 20cm of diameter while the figure is 17cm tall. I realized the figure using the chocolate then I painted it to give the effect of the original paint. Also the cake is painted while the grass on the hairs has be made with isomalt and the wings are in wafer paper

Welcome to the sweetest museum ever. We hope you well be inspired to get connected with art. Let us give you a guide in our museum, with artistic pieces made by cake artists from around the globe. You can see any style, from paintings, sculpture, to fashion and abstract. But in only one medium, and thats sugar.
So please visit our page and website, pictures are allowed, but don’t touch and eat :p ;)

-- Silvia Mancini CakeArt

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Gorgeous work!!!


Wow gorgeous

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Awesome!!! Bellissima! <3

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absolutely amazing interpretation!!! love your art so much Silvia <3

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so incredible stunning, love it Silvia!

Silvia Mancini Cake Art

Thank you !! ❤️

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beautiful job :)




Fabulous piece!

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One of my very favorites. Beautiful work!

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Queen Bee (Sugar Art Museum)