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Let's Fall in Love!

A truly nature inspired cake. As the name suggests,it’s created keeping in mind the different aspects of the fall season.

I had always wished to make a wedding cake and it became true after doing a class with Priyanka Arora (Polka Dots Academy). This wouldn’t have been possible without her guidance.

The cake incorporates various elements and different techniques. The bottom tier highlights the weathering of maple leaves in the autumn season. Technique used -stencilling and airbrush
The tier above has been created using mixed media and encases different elements.
The one above has been designed using marbling different colours of fondant to achieve that look.
The second last tier is crafted with wafer paper to depict dry tree barks and mosses.
The last tier is entirely covered with fondant leaves in various colours. It depicts the change of season as we approach Winter!

-- Cocoa n Crème