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Red Dragon

I was so happy with this cake. A red dragon made entirely of cake except for the end of his tail which I decided just before covering needed to be slight longer so I added a bit of RKT and curled it round a pile of stones. Wings and horns are modelling paste, feet and facial details are sugarpaste. All airbrushed in red, highlighted with bronze Dinkydoodle colour – over red the bronze came out an amazing gold colour.
On my previous dragon cake I hand cut all the scales and wasn’t happy with the end result – I engineered my own little scale-making tool using some florist wire and it looked way better, especially for the smaller scales, and once it was airbrushed it made the pattern really stand out

-- The Cake Lady Chatteris

covapaste sugarpaste renshaw flower & modelling paste dinkydoodle airbrush dinkydoodle iridescent and pearl paints kroma airbrush colours florist wire dresden tool dragon dinkydoodle airbrush


Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris

Wow! Nicely done!!


Looks awesome! Love it!


Looks great!


so cool

The Cake Lady (Tracy)

Thank you

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Red Dragon