Falcor: Sugar Myths and Fantasies: Global Edition

Falcor: Sugar Myths and Fantasies: Global Edition

Excited to have taken part in Amber Adamson’s last collaboration Sugar Myths and Fantasies gave me a chance to live out one of my dreams. Ever since I watched The Neverending Story the first time, I have wanted to own a luck dragon!! The beautiful thing about sugar art is, you can own anything you want, so I made my own Falcor The Luck Dragon!

Falcor is made completely out of buttercream. He was hand painted and hand sculpted. No special tools were used in creating him. Just a girl, her hands, and her luck dragon. ;)


Your creation reminds me so much of the first time I saw it and it was so magical!!! Love your creation!! pinned to https://es.pinterest.com/pin/147000375317747591/

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Beautiful creation! Loved that story too!


He is beautiful, Samantha! You did an amazing job with the buttercream!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley