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The Wicked Queen and the Apple

The WIcked Queen piece was done for the Fairytale Forest Exhibition at Cake International earlier this month. As a team we made many pieces to display together to bring to life a woodland setting going from the light fairy glen through autumnal glade to the deep dark forest. Check out the Sugar Show Productions Facebook page for pictures of the complete display.


dinkydoodle shell and shine glaze rice krispie treats gumpaste massa ticino sugarpaste kroma airbrush colours sugarflair paste colours hand painted hand sculpted airbrush glaze spray dresden tool aluminum foil #sugarshowproductions cakeinternational2016


Cakes By No More Tiers (Fiona Brook)

Love the concept of this piece! And the glossiness of the juicy red apple is fantastic.

Marie's Bakehouse

Gorgeous work. Could just have a bite of that apple x

Hannah - Crafnant Cakes

So cool! x



Celebration Cakes by Cathy Hill

Definitely one of my favourites xx

Calli Creations


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The Wicked Queen and the Apple