Not amazing cookies that some of you are able to produce but I want to try new things. I won’t tell you how long it took me to make these and the mess I made in my kitchen. Lol. Have a few that I didn’t ice and had one with my coffee this morning and it was very tasty.

pumpkin cookies


Nanna Lyn Cakes

Very nice Goreti

Shorna's Cake Corner

Very nice Goreti

Torte Amela

love it!


They look so yummy 😍🍰

Sandra Smiley

They are beautiful and I know they are so yummy!



Angela Penta

Lovely work Goreti!


Thanks everyone. I realize they are nothing compared to what I see on here but I like to try new things just to challenge myself. Royal icing is a huge challenge for me. I’ve only worked with it a couple of times this year. Huge respect for those who are able to produce the royal icing masterpieces I see on here.


They look great! ! !

Andrea Cima

Beautiful!! 😍

Karen's Kakery

They look fine to me Goreti, and you have to start somewhere.
I can’t get on with icing cookies – I cheat and cover them with fondant instead.



Elli Warren

They look adorable and so sweet Goreti!! You did a brilliant job!! :-) x

Adelina Baicu Cake Artist

They look amazing, you should see my first attempts, they seemed children creations at play group :-)! They’re fantastic!!

Calli Creations

Good for you for going for new creative experiences Goreti, we never stop learning… isn’t that a wonderful thing 🤗 these are gorgeous and bet they taste amazing too!! I can never get bubbles out of my cookies and I ain’t seeing no bubbles here 👏👏

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