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I was honored and thrilled to be part in the alien invasion in cake!!! I had a lot of fun making my “sweet” Monster. Huge congratulations to all the artists, loved all the amazing monsters and their stories and thank you so much Daniel for this Awesome collaboration and all your hard work!! You are CAKETASTIC!!!
Here is the link:

Here’s my piece :
KRAKBERUS – Having such a funny and cute figure didn’t help Krakberus … Son of two terrifying mythical monsters, Kraken and Cereberus, Krakberus didn’t had an easy life… he wanted to show his parents that he was ready to defend the reign… but he didn’t know the monsters that he had to face… HUMANS!!! As a main warrior of this simultaneous worldwide attack, Krakberus was really a disaster… and a disgrace for his parents. Kraken (Krakberus father) was very well known on this territory for ancient battles and we knew that soon or later he would come back… so when Krakberus arrived on the Algarve coast, he was long expected. I, as the most powerful super confectioner in the area was right on his track… poor creature… he didn’t have chance!! Caught by my powerful Magical Dust Storm – Dustastic he became the most gentle and adorable monster you can imagine. We had won an amazing ally. For Krakberus this was just the begging… not of domination or destruction but of happiness and kindness helping us, once the monsters of his life, to win this epic battle.

Hope you like him!!

Ana Remígio xxx

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Enza - Sweet-E

Amazing Ana xx


Beautiful, origin!

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

Love it!! He’s so cute!! Amazingly done!! 💕💕


This is so cool!! Love love love him/her




Amazing Ana!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

This is really awesome, Ana! Outstandimng piece!

daniela cabrera

I really enjoy watching your cakes!!! You are amazing!!



Daniel Diéguez

I love it!! <3

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Hee hee! I love this little guy! Fabulous work!

Maira Liboa


Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

That is awesome! What a cute and creepy looking alien!

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Fabulous alien!

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