Luigi's Mansion Cake

Luigi's Mansion Cake
Luigi's Mansion Cake Luigi's Mansion Cake Luigi's Mansion Cake

My son turned 9 years old and he loves the Luigi’s Mansion game. He wanted his cake to be the mansion itself and this is what I came up with. Sorry for the quality of the picture but i took it last minute with my phone.
I added a few more pictures that were on my other camera.



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I know this is a tall order to ask but could you tell me how you made it. My son is turning 9 and he loves Luigi’s Mansion too. When I showed him your cake he about went nuts. lol Maybe just a little info like how many layers of cake you used etc. I had to ask he is begging me. lol

It has been a while, but i think it was 3 layers for the house not including the roof. Sorry but I do not remember the exact size. I decided to make the roof from foam board and covered it with fondant because it was going to be too much cake already. (My son still has that piece saved). The towers on the top are made of fondant and rice Krispies treats. I made patterns to figure out the size but i need to look for them. By when do you need the cake? If i found them i will scan them and share with you

He’s b-day is the June 10th so I don’t think I’ll have time cause it doesn’t look easy. lol But I would love to try to make it for him just cause. But it’s no rush. I truly appreciate you responding. I’d love to have the patterns if you find them, it would be a fun thing for my son and I to do together. Thank you very much for your time. Have a great evening. Oh p.s. You are very very talented! :D