Caketastics, Meropidae The Bee Eater

Caketastics, Meropidae The Bee Eater
Caketastics, Meropidae The Bee Eater
Caketastics, Meropidae The Bee Eater
Caketastics, Meropidae The Bee Eater
Caketastics, Meropidae The Bee Eater

Here it is!!! My contribution to the awesome The Caketastics Alien Invasion. Be sure to go look at all the crazy cake aliens we defeated! Full Alien story below. Made with Magic Colours, Magiculata Sugar Paste and Chocolate Cake! YUM Here is the Meropidae, the Bee Eater, right after it nearly stomped on a car!! I first discovered Mero in my garden, where I grow many blossoms and host thousands of lovely pollinating bees and butterflies. At first I thought Mero was just a large, unusual flower, hynotically beautiful. But then one day he opened his first eye! Many others followed! I noticed it was also eating my bees and butterflies. The thing would open his flower-mouths and gulp them down by the dozens as they approached. They seemed helplessly attracted to the sweet scent that came from the monster, only to be sucked up. My sweet pollinators were facing certain destruction!! It was at that point I realized that he was one of the invading Aliens I had joined the Caketasticos to conquer, and that my powers as Honey Hue Hypnotica were needed to Save the Sweet Pollinators of Earth. Suddenly it began to grow and grow, until it was larger than my house! It began to rumble and roar, and then wrenched its roots out to lumber off in a crashing shamble towards a local beehive. I followed and leapt into action, shooting rainbow beams of sweet honey sugar to hypnotize the beast. I told the bees and butterflies to swarm around it in a rainbow cloud, and while it was still stunned I shrank it into delicious chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream. Unfortunately I sharnk the car it nearly stepped in as well, but since the driver had escaped, and the Pollinators of the World saved, all was well. We then immendiately sliced and ate devoured the beast to insure it did not seed. I, Honey-Hue Hypnotica, will keep keep watch next spring to make sure no alien Meropidae have seeded! #Magic_Colours #Magic_Colours_Champion #Art2EatCakes #Caketastics #AlienInvasion #Caketastic #Collab

Heather S, CO/USA,


Those are are creepy and awesome at the same time!

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Oh Heather, I just love this so much!!! Your story is fantastic. I love how your mind works!!! Hahaha… Yours is first up on my Caketastic board on Pinterest!!! LOVE!!!!

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Absolutely amazing piece! WOW.. Outstanding work! ❤️👏🏻

Really amazing!! Love every detail!!

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Incredible piece!!! Love it!!!


Gosh….that’s a Triffid!!!!!

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