Swan Boats at Fair Park

Swan Boats at Fair Park
Swan Boats at Fair Park Swan Boats at Fair Park

This was my contribution to the Texas Pride with Sweet Style collaboration which was done in partnership with the State Fair of Texas.

For this collaboration last year, my sweet little Texas gal was found daydreaming in a field of wild bluebonnets. I thought it would be fun to bring her back for more fun. So, this time around, she can be found enjoying a scenic ride on the Swan Boats of Fair Park, a favorite take-in for fair-goers of all ages!

Thanks for looking!


Beautiful!! Such a sweet little girl!!

The swan is lovely and I’m so happy to see the little girl again!


I love that you used the little Texan girl again! Thanks so much for all your help too!

*To probably the most helpful & kind caker around! Nice. Thanks for all your help!!!

Soooo adorable! Brings back great memories of the Fair!

Beautiful! Love the feathers and how you used different elements.

I’m in love with the feathers and the board! Adorable!

Jessica D. - South Austin Cakes

Adorbs! <3

Think smart, not hard.

Thank you all so much! It was a lot of fun to make. I love this collab <3