Mr. Corny of Fletcher's Corny Dogs

Mr. Corny of Fletcher's Corny Dogs

My contribution to the Texas Pride Sweet Style collaboration is a cake depicting the mascot Mr. Corny of Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, a Texas State Fair staple.



Very cute and fun! Looks great! :)

Teri, Ontario, Canada

Nice work! I want a corn dog!!!

Think smart, not hard.

Mr. Corny is rocks!!! Great Job!!

How can you resist when the corny dog is smiling at you? Love it! GREAT JOB!

He’s the corniest and cutest corn dog EVER! <3

Corn dogs with mustard…doesn’t get much better than this!

Wrapped Xpressions Bakery

I love Mr. Corny’s expression! Awesome!

Jessica D. - South Austin Cakes