Art Deco Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Art Deco Sugar Flower Wedding Cake
Art Deco Sugar Flower Wedding Cake Art Deco Sugar Flower Wedding Cake Art Deco Sugar Flower Wedding Cake Art Deco Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Trimmed in gold, Elizebeth and Adam’s cake was inspired by many architectural details of the Art Deco style. While many think only of the grand geometric shapes the design style is famous for, much of Art Deco is inspired by natural, organic elements, so it was important for us to showcase that side of the style contrasted alongside the bold geometric shapes.

For this wedding we had the opportunity to create a complete installation and mass environment to coordinate around the cake and desserts. By utilizing a historic touch here with a little contemporary touch there, we kept the organic meets geometric feel throughout the tent itself. Complete with decadent champagne fabric draped ceilings, a brilliantly lit and wired chandelier, custom made linens, a sprawling live boxwood wall, a warm candle display, and an overabundance of fresh floral arrangements (all coordinated and executed in-house), the stage was set for the massive sugar flower cake that was placed within it. With gold leaf macarons with pipettes filled with a mixture of Veuve Clicquot Brut and Framboise Raspberry Liqueur, tiramisu macarons filled with a mascarpone, cream cheese, liqueur, and espresso filling (a specialty made for the groom), over one-hundred white chocolate mousse cups complete with gilded raspberries, and teal white chocolate pyramids crowned with gold leaf, the dessert tent was truly a display capable of pleasing the inhabitants of East Egg and West Egg alike.

This wedding was posted to the Mischief Maker Cakes Blog in three parts since it was hard to show in one post! :


Dessert Tent Part One:

Dessert Tent Part Two:

Video (Cake is at 2:28 )

Alex Narramore/The Mischief Maker


Stunning cake! Cake and tables are beautiful!!

Wow, this is absolutely incredible work. It must have taken ages with the sugar florals etc. Gorgeous colours

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Love all the pictures. Beautiful work!

Good grief Alex, you have surpassed yourself with this. Simply wonderful! xx

Pamela -