In Honour of Eleanor Calbes Thomson

In Honour of Eleanor Calbes Thomson
In Honour of Eleanor Calbes Thomson

Hi Everyone! I made this Dessert Table in honour of the late Eleanor Calbes Thomson who was my sister and my wonderful Voice Teacher and Mentor. She was a part of our lives since my sis was 10 and I was 20 – for 30 years. Yesterday was my annual Piano/Voice Recital that I dedicated to her. She loved bright Colors and especially Fuchsia! This was my first Drip Cake as well! The Cupcakes and Chocolate Covered Oreos have hand piped buttercream flowers and the pyramids have McIntosh Toffee inside! I was so proud of my Students who performed with all their heart. Hope you like the table.
Love and miss you Eleanor 💗💗💗


Another gorgeous dessert table!

Marlene - CakeHeaven



I agree with Marlene, another beautiful and outstanding dessert table, Felien.

Heba Elalfy ***more photos at

So stunning Felien!! You are the sweet table Queen!! 💕


Its beautiful and sounds so yummy…Im so glad it went beautifully. Wish you were close by so I could learn to do dessert tables like you ❤

Beautiful Fel, a stunning tribute to your teacher friend. Xx

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A stunning tribute, Felien! Love your colors and your drip cake turned out beautifully!

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