Cake Masters Ombre Orange cake

Cake Masters Ombre Orange cake
Cake Masters Ombre Orange cake
Cake Masters Ombre Orange cake
Cake Masters Ombre Orange cake
Cake Masters Ombre Orange cake

I feel so blessed to have been asked to participate in a magazine piece but especially one like cake masters that I truly believe in.

So when I was asked to do one for an “ombre” theme I was thrilled but then to get Orange which just happens to be my favorite cake color I was over the moon. My Aussie roots kicked in and all I saw was the gorgeous burnt orange rock forms of Australia covered with Aboriginal art of our colorful heritage. All art was hand painted with cocoa butter and crystal color dusts and the ombre center circle tier was made using a new mold that I have created. Second top tier you have to look at closely to see the detail but it has a beautiful rustic rock texture which was created using flexique and then top tier has a delicate circle pattern embellished into it to signify how truly fragile everything can really be in the end. Circles are very big in Aboriginal art so I really wanted to showcase them the most. I also incorporated many of our Aussie animals that are represented in many works of tribal art such as the kangaroo, emu, turtle and goanna! And my large peony represents everything coming to life even in the most baron of places.

If you would like to see how I did my middle tier make sure you get a copy of this months Cake Masters magazine where I do a short tutorial showing you step by step. Hope you all love this one as much as I do, this cake for me is like my beating heart, it longs for Australia!!!

Tampa, Florida


Beautiful work!

The Cake Nook

You know how much I absolutely ADORE this gorgeous creation dear Shags, my sweet talented friend … You are a true artist
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Youve captured your roots so beautifully and lovingly. Love the mix with the ethnic symbolism. 💕💕

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

I love it… expecially the lower tier

Dorty LuCa


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