Dia de los Muertos Cake

Dia de los Muertos Cake
Dia de los Muertos Cake Dia de los Muertos Cake Dia de los Muertos Cake

A day of the dead cake for a 40th birthday. Madagascan vanilla bean genoise with a corresponding swiss meringue buttercream. Everything is entirely edible including the skull cutout on top.

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Jo, I am MADLY in love with this cake. Your piping skills are second only to your beautiful fondant-finishing skills. I am such a big fan and so proud to call you friend. This is amazing!


Awwww thanks Peggy, we shall always remember that this is the cake that made Yahaira swear! lol HA HA HA (Still laughing about that)

https://www.facebook.com/tortacouture | Perth, Scotland

I LOVE this!!! So pretty!!


So pretty! I love the contrast of the bright colors on the black.

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Thanks guys – yes I too love the bright colours on the black. I think this is probably my most favourite cake to date, but then that does change with almost every cake! lol.

https://www.facebook.com/tortacouture | Perth, Scotland

Wow….this cake is AWESOME!

This is sooooo ultra cool Jo! I love it!!

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Ooops meant to say thanks Ansa, sorry :) x

https://www.facebook.com/tortacouture | Perth, Scotland

Gorgeous!!! great job!!! your work is just flawless :D

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