Tow Mater Cake

Tow Mater Cake
Tow Mater Cake Tow Mater Cake Tow Mater Cake Tow Mater Cake

Sculpted Mater Cake.
Towing Bars made from wood and string, coloured with food colouring. Pullies and hook on the Towing Bars made from fondant.
Everything else is edible, including the name plaque with wooden finish.
Cracked asphalt road look and grass all made from fondant. Dirt was brown sugar.
Small matching edible figurine was also made as a keepsake (last image)

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I’m sorry this forum is for cakes…not for toys….lol. The most amazing mater ever!

Benni -

Stunning work as always. Great job! Hands down the best Tow mater cake I have seen yet.

Tiff - MA

Thanks so much ladies! This is by far the most difficult cake I’ve made to date and I was very nervous when I got the order for it. I’m glad I took the challenge and even more relieved it turned out the way I wanted it to! You know what it’s like when you picture a cake a certain way and sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way due to “technical difficulties” LOL

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Perfect in every way, Trinh! But what did I expect?! Love it.

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WOW! this is incredible! I love it!

I just got a request for a mater cake. I’ve never done a sculpted cake. I don’t even know how to figure what to charge for a cake like this. Any advice?

Morgan @