Lumberjack Groom's Cake

This is my first time uploading a photo to Cakes Decor!! I wanted to share the final results for a groom’s cake I was hired to make. They wanted a tree stump with an axe in the top. I watched Liz Marek’s Lumberjack Cake Tutorial for inspiration. I learned the groom thought his cake fell through, and that he was not going to have a groom’s cake at the wedding reception. So this cake is going to be a surprise for him!! My customer was so happy when she saw what I created for her!! The groom is her son!! That made my heart happy!! Especially knowing that the cake almost did fall through due to their wedding cake designer being unable create because of it’s difficulty. My daughter’s sister recommended me saying she knew I could help her!! If they only knew that it really wasn’t that difficult to make!! It only looks like it!! All I can say is I am proud and happy I was able to save the day!!

chocolate cake chocolate buttercream chocolate ganache fondant edible paint airbrush colors wood base threaded rod nuts and washers wood board tin foil airbrush sugar shapers grooms cake tree stump chocolate cake gravity defying cake


Michal Bulla

I love this, great job ;)



Calli Creations


Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)


The Chain Lane Cake Co.

Love this x

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Lumberjack Groom's Cake