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This is an 80th birthday cake that is made up of David’s loves through his life. The bottom tier represents his grammar school colours and he still belongs to the afterschool club of gentlemen. The middle tier is to represent his allotment and his collies, this cake was made more sentimental due to one of his dogs having to be put to sleep a week before his birthday. Lastly the top tier to represent his love of golf.

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Sandra Smiley

What a great design! I love the dogs!!

My Little Cake Studio

Thank you. I want some preview pictures of the dogs to David’s wife and she made the decision to show him before he saw the cake so he didn’t find it all too emotional on the night.

Elli Warren

Aww fabulous cake!! He must have loved it so much! :-) x

Little Apple Cakes

Very pretty!


so cute

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Hobby Cake