Sugar Art 4 Autism - Emotions Therapy

Sugar Art 4 Autism - Emotions Therapy


  • Thank you to ALL who took part in this amazing endeavor * Special thanks to Suzy & Sam

I’ve been really lucky to have co-admin’d the Sugar Art for Autism collaboration for Autism awareness. I made 2 pieces for this collab and this is the first one:
“Emotion Therapy”, a therapy-based piece using flashcards that show emotions – used to teach kids on the spectrum about facial expressions such as “happy” “sad” “mad” “excited” “silly” – I used black to reflect how parents feel when they receive the diagnosis for their child, when everything around them seems to stop and they think there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The rainbow-colored butterflies represent the hope that parents get from all kinds of therapies but mainly from the love, hard work and perseverance of every person who is involved in that child’s life. Things become bright and colorful again!

We’ve partnered with 2 worthy Charities who provide much needed support to those with Autism and their families. Please take a moment to click the links, learn more about them and if you can spare a donation – all the better! Thank you so much <3

Dina @ miettes,


Incredible – totally love it – congratulations on a fabulous collaboration xxxxx

Shell, Norfolk, UK

i so love your design and the whole concept of naking awareness your the greatest

Such a wonderful piece !! Congratulations Dina (and Suzy & Sam) … All your hard work for this cause has been a resounding success and we’re all so proud to be with you xxx

Lou, S.Yorks UK

Stunning & cheerful!!

sugar voyager

Such a beautifully inspiring creation, so perfect too. Huge thanks to you and the team Dina!! Incredibly heartwarming to see how well it’s been received. You’ve all worked so hard!! Sincere thanks and congrats on the success.

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Absolutely gorgeous and so meaningful <3 <3 <3

Learn from the past! Get yourself a blank canvas and paint your own life. Be your own artist! Mila,

Brilliant collab Dina (& Suzy, Sam). Love this piece with its story and heartfelt meaning 💕xx

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Gorgeous!!! I love the colors and against the black and the double barrel is fabulous!! <333333333333333333333

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