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Frozen Party Time!

Caught in the act! Olaf eating Anna’s cake, you can see the frosting round his mouth and the crumbs, not to mention the hole in the cake! :)

I love the guilty look on Olafs face and I have even included Pascal from frozen, hes gone to lick Olaf and got his tongue stuck to his frosty exterior

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Sandra Smiley

Thisis the funniest, most original Frozen cake ever! Love everything about it!

Sugar Cakes

Aaa so funny, cute and adorable, brilliant xx


Super 😀👍🏻

Elli Warren

Love this so much!!! Absolutely fantastic!!! :-) x

Crazy Sweets

You are fantastic!

Magda's Cakes (Magda Pietkiewicz)

That’s awesome! Love it!

CakeHeaven by Marlene


SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Fantastic……so much fun!

Aga Leśniak


Vicki's Incredible Edibles

hes definitely a cutie! Naughty little snowman! :)

Bethann Dubey

Fabulous !!!!! amazing design!!!!! <333333333333333333333333

Laura Loukaides

Love this!!

Vicki's Incredible Edibles

Thanks Laura :) xx

Kelly Stevens

What a great cake! I love that it’s a unique take on Frozen. Great job!

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Frozen Party Time!