I want it BIG!

I want it BIG!
I want it BIG! I want it BIG! I want it BIG!

The bride’s instructions were to make an 8 tier cake similar to one to the photo she provided (from a friends wedding) and to make it as tall as I could within her budget. We added a fresh floral base of cream and pink roses to tie in with her bouquet and floral arrangements.

I loved making this wedding cake, it was such fun to do. It ended up at 50" tall from the top of the sugarpaste flowers to the table. There were soft pink elements on a couple of the tiers and pink shaded roses along with cream ones on the top.

Each tier had hand made elements using cutters, moulds, sugar paste and royal icing.

It weighed around 10 stone and used nearly 30 kilos of sugarpaste which was all hand coloured to match the cream of the roses.

4 tiers were dummies, it should have been only 2 but due to the weight and issue of lifting all of the top 3 tiers were made using dummies and an extra 2 cutting cakes were provided.

Jayne, http://jayneycakes.co.uk