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ROMAN HOLIDAY 2 - Be My Valentine Cake Collaboration

TONIGHT….. You Don’t Need To Go To The Movie Theater, OR Watch NETFLIX….
……………..ROMAN HOLIDAY 2!!!!!
Roman Holiday / 1953/ William Wyler

(Roman Holiday – alternate mimicafe Union ending)

With a heavy heart, Anne (Audrey Hepburn) leaves Joe guardianship (Gregory Peck) and returns to her royalty and her duties at the embassy. The final press conference of her visit to Rome begins the following day and to her surprise, she sees Joe among the assembled reporters. Ever the gentlemen, Joe delivers public comments that let Anne know that he will keep the tales of their romantic day in the Eternal City in confidence, letting her know that he values these memories more than the money they could bring him if he submitted these stories to his newspaper editor. Anne is deeply touched. Unconventionally, she approaches the gathered reporters to shake their hands, mainly for the opportunity it presents to speak with Joe one last time. Irving (Eddie Albert) hands the princess the photos he had been secretly taking of her enjoying Rome; she at first puzzled but then charmed. Next, she turns to Joe and tearfully she intones how she appreciates having met him. The press conference done, she turns to take her exit, her aides at her side. Joe stands still as the room clears, deeply pondering the door which the princess has disappeared behind. He is crestfallen, but Irving pats him on the back and marshals them out of the room, down the grand staircase and out into the gloomy morning. Joe contemplates what could have been, but knows that somehow he must face his reality. As he fishes around in his suit jacket for a match to light his cigarette, Irving knows he needs to try to help his friend not dwell on this disappointment. He suggests that they head over to their favorite café for a coffee before resuming their day. Joe nods in agreement and lumbers behind Irving, allowing him to lead the way through the chaotic morning streets. As they find the café, Irving tries to cheer up Joe with his amiable banter. Joe appreciates his efforts and tries to show him a brave smile, but he’s not sure he remembers how to do as much. Irving turns to the counter, raising two fingers ordering their coffees and chats with a few of the café waiters. Joe sits down and decides to try to scan a discarded newspaper in hopes that it will distract him from his gloom. From outside the café comes the insistent honking of a motor scooter, piercing the morning with its characteristic high, squeaking blare repeating again and again and getting louder as it approaches the café. Joe puts the paper down, gets up and moves towards the door to see what the commotion is about. To his surprise, he see’s Anne haphazardly maneuvering a scooter through the street, people jumping out of the way as she honks. Some of them are annoyed and they gesture at her in irritation, but the princess is oblivious to them all, a joyful smile on her face as she sees she has reached the café she knows that Joe will be at. She pulls up outside the entrance where Joe stands, mouth agape. She maintains her position on the scooter and coolly looks over at Joe. “You look like a man who could use a lift,” she says with a smile. Joe’s face is transformed into an expression of elation, but he is speechless… he can only chuckles. “Hope on”, she happily chirps, and gamely he saddles on to the back of the scooter. They pull off into the morning streets that have now magically cleared as the sun breaks through the clouds….. The End.

-- mimicafe Union + Sachiko (FB )

fondant gum paste hand sculpted be my valentine collaboration romantic cake love audrey hepburn mimicafeunion valentines day



I do do dodo so love yout work!! Such an eye for detail!!

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Wow!!! So gorgeous xx


Love it!

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Love <3 :)

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Ahhhhhh Sachiko!!! This is fantastic!!! Perfect models!!!

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Such a lovely piece xx

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I love it!!!


LOVE this!

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love them Sachiko!!!

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adore!! gorgeous!! x

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They look fantastic!! <3

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brilliant work💖 Love your Happy Ending too!!😊

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ROMAN HOLIDAY 2 - Be My Valentine Cake Collaboration