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Be my Valentine Movie Nights Titanic

This is my contribution to the gorgeous collaboration created by Hajnalka Mayor celebrating movie couples! I chose Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt from James Cameron’s Titanic. Frankly, because it makes me laugh and cry every time.

The figures on top are hand modeled in modeling chocolate and depict the movie’s famous flying scene. I left them white to give the impression that the moment is sort of frozen in time. It like a memory. The picture of Jack and Rose on the middle tier is hand-painted with food color and vodka. The tier below that reproduces the actual China pattern used in first class on the Titanic. The bottom tier features a hand sketched copy of Jack’s portrait of Rose on wafer paper. Finally, the “heart of the ocean” pendant is recreated in fondant and accents the board. #SatinIce

Be My Valentine! Movie Nights is an international collaboration of 45 talented cake and sugar artists.
We celebrate Valentine’s day through our favorite movies, showing how being in love can bring joy, happiness, or the opposite sorrow, sadness, how love can betray, how love can make you do crazy things you never imagined whether is a good or a bad thing.

" Okay, I can go through this door, alone.You’ll never see me or the people chasing us again. Or you can come with me, and I don’t know what’s on the other side, but I’d know you’d be next to me, and that’s all I wanted since the minute I met you."

David Norris, The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

You can see all the amazing movie couple inspired pieces at:

-- Jenny, Castle Rock, CO

satin ice fondant modeling chocolate wafer paper cutters from not just cakes by annie be my valentine collaboration be my valentine movie nights titanic jack dawson rose dewitt satin ice fondant satin ice hand painted modeling chocolate figure modeling figures flying ocean china pattern


Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

Gorgeous!! x

jen lofthouse

omg love this x

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Love your interpretation.



il mondo di ielle


Jean A. Schapowal


Suzanne Readman - Cakin' Faerie

fabulous design Jenny xx

Valentina's Sugarland

so amazing beautiful <3

Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art

😍😍so well done!!!

Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes

Thanks to you all — such a fun collab!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Gorgeous cake! Lovely paintins and fab topper!

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Oh this is amazing!!!! I love it!

Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes

Thanks Marlene and Mayra!

Bethann Dubey

Stunning!!!!!!I love every part of the design <333333

Rebekah Naomi Cake Design

so brilliant, I love all the different techniques and mediums you used!

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Be my Valentine Movie Nights Titanic