At work...

At work...
At work... At work... At work... At work...

here is my piece in sugar presented in the contest expogato in Marseille , category " professional decorative piece "
she was doubly rewarded : gold and Jury Prize ( I’m happy !!)

The assigned topic was " trades " .
I chose professions that make children dream , as the pilot and nurse . I also wanted to be a man’s job but made by a sexy frmme , the mechanic .
I chose to place my characters in a vintage scene , in an atmosphere of " post-war " , which is me .
I hope you like my work!
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Magnifique et encore bravo pour les récompenses 😚


Wow!!! How fabulous!! Stunning work ..Congratulations!! so deserved<333

Dubey Cakes

Fabulous piece! Congratulations on the well deserved wins!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Super💖 Congratulations!!

sugar voyager

bravo, très belle réalisation

Encore bravo ma Joane pour ta piece fabuleuse

Claire DS Créations