Grandiose Classic Wedding!!

Grandiose Classic Wedding!!
Grandiose Classic Wedding!! Grandiose Classic Wedding!!

The design goes according to the theme.. Many girls these days dream of a destination royal wedding. So, here the wedding cake depicts a destination Royal Vintage wedding.
Talking about the design..
The lowermost tier depicts the jewellery box with a total vintage touch and palatial frames giving it a grandiose look.
Second tier, opposite colours juxtaposed with each other depicting that two different persons would be side by side always still blending into one and making a beautiful soul together.
Third tier, depicts the clothes with silver sequins and saree borders.
Fourth tier, shows the Frame of life which is spreading different colours that merges with each other making a beautiful life.
Have you heard the quote “When angels are near feathers appear?” It’s quite true.
The feathers shows ultimate angelic signs reminding that angels are present there showering their blessings.
Fifth tier, finally depicts the flower bouquet for the Wedding Day.