Audi R8 cake

Audi R8 cake

This was my first ever car cake. I watched a DVD by Mike Mccarrey called “cakenology” and it helped me a great deal. (His craftsy class was helpful too)
I still have a lot to learn and need to practice, but at the same time…. I don’t ever want to make another automobile. 😂


My brother would love this!! He asks me every year for an Audi R8! This is awesome!! Xxx

Julia Marie Cakes

Ohhhh look at that!! 😍😍 awesome!
Have you seen my bugatti veyron? It was my first ever carved car as well! Haha I’ve been asked to make a Fiat 500 now… I only hope it turns out okay! 😁

Wow, that’s absolutely incredible realism, so perfect

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Wow great job! I love it

kleiza rojas fitzgerald

Brilliant :-) – I feel you pain – cars are not my favourite x