Secret garden wedding cake

Secret garden wedding cake
Secret garden wedding cake Secret garden wedding cake

When the word marriage comes up, the only thing that comes in my mind is fairytale. Fairytale romance, enchanted garden and prince charming.
To design a wedding cake I was to visualise what I see in such a relationship and what the bride dreams of…
Hence I knew fairytale enchanted garden is going to my theme. To be honest this was the kind of cake I would want for my wedding.
My inspiration for the same revolved around this . my research included exotic flowers, gardens and forests.
Stain glass is an architecture I have noticed in cathedrals… Hence it meant as purity symbol for me..
All royal palaces have mosaic on their floors…my prince charming is undoubtedly royal so this symbolized my prince.
The secret garden where my prince will come to search for me and sweep me off my feet, can’t be a very easy task to find…
Hence this gave the idea of a huge antique lock, whose key not everyone has…
I tried putting all these elements in making and designing the cake for a wedding.
Its my fantasy which I m sure every girl looks for in life.



Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

yayee.. the techniques sued are awesome.

yayee.. the techniques sued are the lock tier.

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Awesome… You know I loved this cake… ☺☺

Thanks a lot….it means a lot to me

Lots of lovely techniques!

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