The Bond

The Bond
The Bond The Bond

#UNSA #BeTeamRed
The first time a mother and a child’s eyes meet that’s when the strongest bond is formed and breastfeeding the child strengthens that bond. Imagine a world where in there will be zero transmission of HIV thru this process, that would be a great gift to humanity.

This is my piece for the collaboration project , Getting to Zero.

Getting to Zero is a Collaboration of World Citizens who are Artists using all things edible as a medium. Using cake, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, and sugar in all it’s wonderful forms to express how we feel. Team Red’s goal is to bring continued awareness and a renewed drive to having a generation of children born without aids. Eliminating the spread of HIV from Mother to Child from gestation or thru breast milk. 1000 babies are born with HIV every day worldwide with the majority being in Sub- Saharan Africa.