UNSA BeTeamRed Collaboration - Mosaic

UNSA BeTeamRed Collaboration - Mosaic
UNSA BeTeamRed Collaboration - Mosaic UNSA BeTeamRed Collaboration - Mosaic UNSA BeTeamRed Collaboration - Mosaic

This is my contribution for the UNSA Team Red 2015 “Getting to Zero” worldwide sugar artist collaboration for the World Aids Day Celebration and o increase awareness..
❤ This is my first ever time to be in a colab and I am truly honored to be a part of this team and to be able to contribute a small piece that speaks from the heart . With my heartfelt gratitude, I thank Zawadi and all team membera for this opportunity to be included with this fantastic group of artist and congratulations to everyone who are a part of this great collaboration!


For my work i had a couple of techniques that i wanted to try on this cake… so my search was actually in two directions… i wanted to try one of the techniques tried by Gulnaz Mitchelle in her cake for festival of lights so i searched Sarah Travis Art, Design and Illustration page… and that lead me to search Internet for doodling and coloring pics having angels on them.. my work ended entirely different yet I’ll still include them as my inspirtion. From the beginning this pic was my go for the top tier… i started with coloring water colors and then decided with the flow to incoorporate 3d too hence the flowers and angel hair. Also the background looked plain in white so on the spur of moment i tried airbrushing light blue and green…. for the bottom it had to be red… and i ended up doing mosaic i learned from wilton craftsy class by Valerie Pradhan .. the top tier is where i loved working the most…my piece tries to show colors and the angel of hope emerging from a bloom of colors of nature … the red poppy on top also symbolizes hope of getting to zero in the fight against aids.



OMG! I love it!

De un Bocado

Oh my heavens!!!! What an absolutely amazing design!!! Stunning variety of mediums used to create this meaningful vibrant artistic work of art!!! II adore this design!!

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Oh my compliments from artists i hav always looked up tooo….
Thank you means a lot


I love the design on this cake, beautiful, new follow x

Love it!


Love it! it tells the story but in a quiet and caring way with beauty in it despite the subject matter xx