UNSA - Getting To Zero - Be Team Red Entry

UNSA - Getting To Zero - Be Team Red Entry
UNSA - Getting To Zero - Be Team Red Entry UNSA - Getting To Zero - Be Team Red Entry UNSA - Getting To Zero - Be Team Red Entry

The Piece is a representation of many things related to HIV sufferers and it is based around a reimagination of The Babel Tower. On one side we have the Colours significance from Black, always associated with Death and Tragedy, Red which it is associated with Danger and White with Purity, Love. Then, we have simple faceless body shapes because the Fight against HIV is a faceless and very anonymous one, we never see them because of the stigma it imposes onto the people that live with it. We have inscriptions onto each ring of colour, Black has Death and Rejection, feelings that throughout History all HIV people have endure from others but also from themselves. Red have Fear, Ignorance, Confusion which are stages the whole World went through went HIV came to light but also, again, stages that any one diagnose with the Virus go through. And finally White has Love, Hope and Zero because we are all understanding it better now and people is living longer and hopefully one day there would be Zero infections. The position of each body shape has an influence on every level, Black being chaotic, disorganized with some touching their heads. Distressed. Red starting to show a more organized pattern and finally white with, lets say a more proud , straight posture. Finally, I took inspiration on The Babel Tower story because for me, all the Journey through the years since HIV was discovered has been similar to that story. It was like everyone at that moment spoke a different language and no one understood each other, how many people felt rejected because of their condition and how with time we are again, despite fears, ignorance, lack of information understanding all again. It is a piece that wants to show HOPE above all, in all of us humans regardless of any labels that we so blatantly insist on inflicting on each other.

From the beginning I thought I didn’t want to focus my contribution on specifics [HIV really does not care about who you are] , 600 Children are still born with HIV nowadays and sadly, the reality of this problem is that We might be able to take that number down but until we actually have a more honest and educated approach to the problem, it won’t be eradicated. Who was first? The Egg or the Chicken?

I have been very humbled and very honoured to have taken part and stand next to SO many talented people in the Cake World. The level of commitment and the stories from some of the pieces are really incredible!!!!!!

Hope you all like it and want to also support such a noble cause!