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ELVIS is in the Building!

I made this figure while attending a class with the fabulous Rhu Strand.

We were making a male figure with internal structure and we got to choose who…..I chose Elvis!

He has a wire frame and then covered in a mix of modelling chocolate and fondant. We made it over a period of 2 sessions, making the structure first and then the head and smaller details in the second session.

Because he had a recognizable face I really struggled to get the detail to my liking…I wasn’t happy the head I made suited him. I took some spare paste home and thought I would try and improve at home but then I kinda fell out of love with him and he got put in a box and left to collect dust for a few months.

A few weeks ago, I decided to give him another go. Rhu was going to Cake International in Birmingham and was having a show table, displaying her students work. If I could finish Elvis and I thought he was good enough then maybe he could go to Birmingham too!

After a few more attempts this was the result.

I LOVE him!

I know he is not perfect,but I still love him. I am proud of him…..I smile and think I made that….

I hope he makes you smile too :)

-- Angela.

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Heavenly Treats by Lulu

He’s brilliant :-) x

Rhu Strand

Angela, I was absolutely delighted when you brought him to class, he is so recognisable as Elvis, he is wonderful, well done xx


He looks fantastic!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

He looks fabulous! Great modeling!!

Angela - A Slice of Happiness

Thank you for your kind comments :)

Susan Halil

Looks great, well done you!!!

Sandra Smiley

Fabulous job, Angela! I love him, too :o)))

Bethann Dubey

So awesome!! He looks like Elvis <3333333

Little Apple Cakes

Super cool!

Angela - A Slice of Happiness

Thank you all

Julia Hardy

Angela he is fantastic and really deserves to be on display. X

Angela - A Slice of Happiness

Thank you Julia x

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ELVIS is in the Building!