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Hello All,

This is my A’tuin cake! I LOVED him!

He is carved from a 10" round chocolate cake. His head and flippers/fins are made of icing.

The elephants (4) are made from flower paste and the disc is icing on top of a 6" cake card.

The cake was all airbrushed (first time using it and Oh merrr gerrrdd I fell in love with it!

Much Love
Kayleigh xxx

-- Kayleigh's Kreations xxx

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The Chain Lane Cake Co.

It’s perfect x

Kayleigh's Kreations

thank you very much xxx


Wow! Fantastic!

Kayleigh's Kreations

thank you very much xx



Kayleigh's Kreations

thank you xxx


Amazing !!!

Kayleigh's Kreations

thank you Maria xx

Julie Reed Cakes

Fabulous x

Calli Creations

wonderful design and collouring

Kayleigh's Kreations

Thank you both xx

Julie's Little Cake Company

Brilliant!! x

Kayleigh's Kreations

Thank you xx

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