Still not 'TWO' sure what theme

Still not 'TWO' sure what theme
Still not 'TWO' sure what theme Still not 'TWO' sure what theme

here is my walking in the Air cake I made for my son to take back to London with him ,,, it evoked many memories of him as a child stood on his little chair with his Snowman book upside down and singing along to ‘Alled Jones’ … I made this a few years ago but it is still one of my favourite Christmas themes … The other cake is my ‘Sprouts not just for Christmas’ cake …. I like to believe that more people actually like sprouts, than they care to admit. .. I think they get too much bad press so I created this cake last year …. to bring them front and centre … around the sides are the other ingredients to complete a Christmas Lunch :0)
I still cannot decide what theme will follow on from these two … I just know i need to make my mind up :0)



Lovely, great painting.

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

absolutely gorgeous!!

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

thank you all very much :0)


So lovely, I love The Snowman :)