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Lilo & Stitch Cake

I made a cake for a small competition. I adore Stitch, he is by far my favourite Disney character!
I also love the whole Hawaiian feel and how they have the Elvis scenes, who doesn’t love Elvis right?!
One Day I will get to go Hawaii.. until then I just have to keep watching Lilo & Stitch, Hawaii Five-O and listen to Hawaiian songs to keep me going lol.

Anyway here is my cake Top tier (Land level) features Stitch with a duckling reading the ugly duckling book which was featured in the film, with rustic bamboo. Middle tier is the Sunset level with an Elvis presley picture and birds- it was my first ever go at using the airbrush it wasn’t amazing but for my first attempt I was pretty pleased. I used the Cassie Brown colours and Dinkydoodle Airbrush.
Bottom Tier is the sea level with edible prints of my favourite scenes from the Movie and then the board is “Sand” aka Digestive Biscuits lol. It was a first for everything, I had never made Stitch before, nor bamboo, the sunset or the Frangipanis and Hibiscus’s. But I LOVEEEEED making it!

Jen xx

-- Jen x

squires kitchen sugarpaste tesco's fondant icing sugarpaste direct sugarpaste florist wire gauge 30 fmm 5 rose petal cutter set frangipani mould edible image digestive biscuits sugarflair dusting colours florist wire cassie brown airbrush colours craft knife hairdressing scissors paint brushes dinkydoodle airbrush dove cutter king pin lilo and stitch lilo & stitch lilo and stitch cake stitch stitch cake disney hawaii hawaiian elvis elvis presley sunset airbrush sand hibiscus hibiscus flower frangipani frangipani flower rustic bamboo competition piece cute childrens


Calli Creations

Great design!!

Jen Savaris

Thankyou so much Calli! I love your work x

Zoe White

Lovely cake!




Looks great!

Elli Warren

Looks brilliant and very pretty!! :-) x

Jen Savaris

Thankyou xx ☺

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Great cake….Great details….
I’ve been to Hawaii & Tahiti…..gorgeous…..want to go back…

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